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eaglemac - The Unofficial Philadelphia Eagles Website
for the Serious Fan

Welcome to "eaglemac"- The Unofficial Philadelphia Eagles Website for the Serious Fan. This site is a revision of my sites from the past. The new site will provide the insight of one Eagles fan, and allow for comments from those who read this site to provide their comments. So where did I start with this site, you ask?

It all started back in 1995, while I was still in the military. I was stationed in Seoul, Korea. While I was not on duty, I was working as a college instructor for Central Texas College in Seoul. I taught the microcomputer technology curriculum. As a way to help my students gain information quickly, I designed a website for them to access for schoolwork. As part of the site, a page was created with information on the Philadelphia Eagles. I created it because I was born and raised in Philly, worked with the Eagles and Phillies at Veterans Stadium during my high school days in the mid-70s, and followed them no matter where I was in the worked during my military career. I found that the Internet was a good place to discuss my interests in the Eagles. From there, it took off. When I retired from the military and went into the civilian ranks as a Department of Army employee, I moved my site to "" and made it solely a Eagles website. I started putting in articles about games, the team and anything else that pertained to the Eagles. Things started to grow from there.

During the time at geocities, I was receiving my different inquires. The two biggest for me were from the Philadelphia Inquirer (by a reporter, Mike Kleine) and ESPN the Magazine. This showed that the site was getting looks by different people. However, this past season, the site slowed because I was unable to updated regularly, as I did in the past. I was the webmaster for the organization, where I was employed. I had to revamp the old site, and because of the size of the site, required much of my attention. I hope people did not think I trashed my site because of the dismal Eagles season. Now that the organization’s site is redesigned, I can move back to doing my site. So what can you expect to find on this site?

The "eaglemac" site has a news-type look to it. On the main page you will find the headings to many of the different articles on the site. The left column provides the drop-down list of the various areas you can go on the site. There is the link to send e-mail to me to send comments and suggestions. Please you it, so I can make this site better for the people who view it. You can send your own articles to me to publish on the website by sending it by e-mail. Remember that this site is for the serious fan. Fans have their own thoughts and ideas on the state of the team, rumors throughout the NFL, and any football interests.

The middle column brings the reader the main articles for the site. In addition, there is an area below the main article, which contains the headline to some previous articles. These articles will stay on the site for about a month, before being replaced.

The right column bring a short introduction to several of the other major articles on the site, along with advertisements to other Eagles web sites. These articles will be replaced as late-breaking events of the Eagles happen.

There are five main areas to the site: the main page, the season, Eagles links, their history , and around the NFL. The season area of the site provides information on the current season (or review of the past season during the off-season). It will include their schedule, statistics, roster, and the prior week’s game review. The Eagles links will show links to major Eagles websites, as well as personal pages by Eagles fans, and the Eagles Web Ring link. You can go to the history area to review the history of the Eagles. This area will grow as time goes on. Around the NFL area provides information on games throughout the league, and any additional information and rumors on the NFL front.

There you have it about "eaglemac." Hopefully you will find this site interesting, and may want to contribute to it. So place this site within your favorites area and come back from time to time and enjoy

- Bill McDaniel                   

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