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Will the Eagles Get a New Stadium?

Veterans Stadium opened in 1972 and is a multi-purpose stadium, as it houses the Philadelphia Philles and the Eagles.  The stadium is considered the worst within the leagues to play their games.  It is time for a new stadium for both teams, especially the Eagles.  Currently there is a bill before the Pennsylvania state legislature to fund one-third of the cost of two stadiums in Philly and two in Pittsburgh.   It was placed befor them in November and it sat there, as the House ended their session for the holidays.  At that time, there was not enough votes to pass it.   The bill will come up again sometime in February.  Will it pass?

The biggest problem for the bill is an increase in the state tax to pay for it.  Many of the members in the legislature are feeling it from their consituents, particularily the areas that are not near either of the two cities. they have expressed objections because it has nothing to do with them, the teams who use them have plenty of money, and they do not want another tax hike, which would not provide anything for them.  I can understand what they mean.  Hell, would I want to buy someone, who is rich,  a car and give it to them and never have a chance to use it.  No way!!!  That is what the legislature is facing.  Their careers could be on the line with this vote.  

Another concern for some of the congressman from Philadelphia is that the contractors used to buid these stadiums utilize minorities in the project, and we are not talking workers.  We are talking upper managment folks.  This is all the political side of things.  So what is my point of view on it.

The Eagles definitely need a new stadium.  If they expect to get great free agents to sign with them, they need something to offer them besides cheesesteaks, hoagies, and soft pretzels.  They need state-of-the-art facilities.   You bring in some of these top echelon players, and the Eagles win, it generates more money for the city.  If the state legislature does not pass the bill, you might just considered the Eagles gone. That seems evident, as their new training facility has not been even started yet.  That is now pending on the outcome of the stadium issue.   I do think they should make a multi-functional facility, say a shopping mall added on to it.  You need something that the majority of the people can use, not just the 60,000 or so who have tickets to the game.

One thing Philadelphia fans don't want is a football-less Sunday within their city during the season.  If the bill is not passed, we just may have to find something else to do with our Sunday afternoons.

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