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Finally the Season is OVER!!!swoop.gif (9956 bytes)
The photo of the Eagles mascot, Swoop, says it all as far as the Eagles 1998-1999 season went.  For many Eagles fans, this was a weekly scene as the Eagles went 3-13, and once again, did not win a game on the road.  The season in review will bring back many of the troublesome memories, but there was a couple of bright spots (that's right, a couple!). 

Could There Be Major Roster Moves This Off-Season?
With the Eagles preparing to put this past season behind them and look to the future, with a new coaching staff, there could be some big changes to the Eagles roster for next season.  Who will be the quarterbacks for next year? Who will they bring in for the receiving corp to replace Irving Fryar?   Will the kicker and punter be looking for new addresses?  Those are just some of the questions.  Take a look here for some thoughts on who may be going and who could be staying.

Note from the Webmaster:
Since this is the off-season, the next week's game page will not have any innformation until training camp opens.  At that time, you will find a preview to the season, along with a prediction on how they will finish the 1999 season.  The last week's game page contains a review of the nightmarish 1998 season.  One may would soon forget; however is covered on this website.
Final 1998 Roster
Viewers of this site can still find out who were still members of the Eagles at the end of this disasterous season.  Take a view at it to determine who you think will not be on it when training camp opens in July.

Final 1998 Statistics
The season is over and now you can check out what they did on both offense (gasp!) and defense during the year.  Check out your favorite player's numbers or see how the Eagles stacked up against their opponents.  It is all here on the Statistics page.

Bookmark this page to keep up with all the latest info on the Eagles during the season.

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